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Home » Everything you need to know about RDP in 2022 – Remote Desktop Protocol Explained

Everything you need to know about RDP in 2022 – Remote Desktop Protocol Explained

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Everything you need to know about RDP in 2022 - Remote Desktop Protocol Explained

Do you require RDP for your organization? Are you seeking the best RDP hosting provider?

There are numerous RDP providers on the market, and selecting one can be difficult and perplexing. This is precisely why I wrote this blog, explaining everything about RDP and comparing the leading RDP hosting providers.
If you’re familiar with RDP, you may skip to the RDP Provider section.

What is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a Windows-only protocol, which means only Windows Operating systems can use it. RDP uses the Internet to enable one computer (the client) to remotely access and control another computer (server). The RDP communication system comprises 64,000 virtual channels.
Between the distant server and the client, these channels convey serial device signals, presentation data, license information, and highly encrypted data. However, the most fundamental function of RDP software is to communicate the remote server’s monitor (an output) to the client. The client transmits the mouse and keyboard to the remote server as input.

Applications of RDP

  • You can access your system from virtually any location.
  • A centralized storage for the data
  • The ability for several users to access the system at the same time
  • Easy to set up
  • Instead of purchasing pricey laptops, you can save money using a remote desktop protocol (RDP) with high-performance specifications.
  • You can use RDP software from desktop computers, operating systems, and even mobile devices.

Top 5 RDP Hosting Providers in 2022

1. KayHosting


KayHosting is one of the leading RDP VPS providers based on the latest Intel/AMD chipsets, Enterprise Grade SSD/SATA storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Secure Environment, Pre-Installed Apps and 24/7 Customer Support.

It has multiple RDP plans, and each plan has been built to ensure you get the best out of your RDP server. The essential feature in any RDP server is the speed, which is why KayHosting RDP is one of the fastest providers, with around 1Gbps Internet Speed.

We are happy to announce that we will provide a 10% instant discount on all our RDP plans for the next few days. Use Code “KH10” at checkout.

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2. CoreRDP


CoreRDP is an RDP hosting provider ranked at the second spot. It provides dedicated servers and RDP hosting at different locations.
You can find and customize your RDP VPS package based on your business needs. The packages include helpful features such as instant activation, limitless usage, and unlimited bandwidth.

3. HostingPanel


The third best RDP provider is HostingPanel, which is available in both RDP and custom VPS. The VPS packages present a powerful remote desktop server that best fits your Windows or Linux OS. With RDP hosting, you can access your server via a web browser. You can install any application, software and operating system on an RDP server.

4. HomeRDP


HomeRDP is another one of the top RDP server provider companies that offer a wide range of services in a particular operating system with dedicated memory and CPU and is one of the more affordable and efficient RDP providers, offering the services with competitive pricing.

5. SntHostings


Another top RDP provider – SntHostings. They provide different RDP packages like Normal RDP, Encoding RDP, Jingling RDP, GSA RDP, and Private RDP. They are known for their customer support and smooth delivery process.

Before moving forward, I would like to clarify fews doubt many people have.

Difference between RDP and RDP Software.

In simple words, RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is just a protocol that enables us to connect to the Windows server.
RDP software or Remote Desktop software is a GUI application used to access RDP protocol.

Difference between RDP and VPS.

RDP provides remote display and input capabilities over network connections for Windows-based applications running on a server, while Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that you can use to host your data. Since VPS runs its own operating system, you can choose between a Windows or Linux OS.

Top Remote Desktop Software in 2022

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Price – Free
Chrome Remote Desktop is an application for remote access that enables users to share or take control of a computer located in another location. Managing a number of different machines might be a pain.
Providing technical support might be an even more significant source of frustration. Users can remotely connect to their friends’ computers as well as their PCs, thanks to Chrome Remote Desktop. This eliminates both of these issues. Chrome Remote Desktop is straightforward yet reliable.

2. Zoho Assist

Price – Free
Competitors recognize ZohoAssist for its unattended remote access product. It offers on-demand, web-based remote assistance sessions for consumers in any place. This browser-based interface facilitates various tasks, such as configuring the quality of your remote screen, sending files between the technician and customer, executing remote power operations, talking, and switching between monitors on the remote end.

3. TeamViewer

Price – Free
TeamViewer software is a major player in the market. Many large corporations use proprietary software to run their virtual offices. A TeamViewer for personal use is also available, and it’s completely free of charge. Many of the earlier functions have been simplified in TeamViewer 3, making it even more enjoyable to operate with.

4. Anydesk

Price – Free
AnyDesk’s slogan is “Anywhere, Anytime, Great Performance, Great Solutions.” It means you can access your remote desktop anytime and from any location. Secure and quick file transmission, remote printing, and session analysis are just a few of the valuable tools it provides.

5. Connectwise

Price – Paid, 14-day trial
You can access users’ workstations even when they are not present, thanks to the unattended access feature of ConnectWise Control Support, which works efficiently and without any problems.

To acquire access, you will need to construct an access agent installer. After that, you may easily maintain your desktop clutter-free by using a drag-and-drop tool and sharing folders and files with anybody you choose. You can choose with whom you share your private papers, thanks to unique role-based permissions. This is true even if you have assigned different responsibilities to different people.

It can get quite tricky while choosing the best RDP Provider in the market. I hope I have cleared out your confusion about choosing your RDP server. At KayHosting, we are working hard to provide you the best RDP that meet your requirements. Check out our super affordable RDP Plans or Reach Out To Know More.


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